A Decision Support Framework for Manufacturing Improvement and Relocation Prevention in Thailand: Supply Chain Perspective

by   Napaporn Reeveerakul, et al.

The low economic growth and competition among neighbouring countries has caused Foreign Direct nvestments (FDIs) to relocate their businesses. In order to prevent further business relocation, this aper proposes an integrated framework based on the supply chain to help analyse decision making for plant situations and enhance manufacturing perrformance. The context of this perspective is pplied to manufacturers located in the industrial state region of Lumphun province, Thailand. Data collection and review of literature was used to identify the factors that influence industrial investment. The SCOR model was used to define the parameters, which here then used in Arena simulation. The simulation needs to describe factors affected on industrial erformance. From this result, an integrated analysis model was built and the importance of supply chain collaboration was identified. A Multi Agent System (MAS) was suggested to enhance of the effective nteraction between supply chain' agents. It is in order to mitigate risks among them.


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