A deep Convolutional Neural Network for topology optimization with strong generalization ability

by   Yiquan Zhang, et al.

This paper proposes a deep Convolutional Neural Network(CNN) with strong generalization ability for structural topology optimization. The architecture of the neural network is made up of encoding and decoding parts, which provide down- and up-sampling operations. In addition, a popular technique, namely U-Net, was adopted to improve the performance of the proposed neural network. The input of the neural network is a well-designed tensor with each channel includes different information for the problem, and the output is the layout of the optimal structure. To train the neural network, a large dataset is generated by a conventional topology optimization approach, i.e. SIMP. The performance of the proposed method was evaluated by comparing its efficiency and accuracy with SIMP on a series of typical optimization problems. Results show that a significant reduction in computation cost was achieved with little sacrifice on the optimality of design solutions. Furthermore, the proposed method can intelligently solve problems under boundary conditions not being included in the training dataset.


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