A Gauss-Seidel projection method with the minimal number of updates for stray field in micromagnetic simulations

by   Panchi Li, et al.

Magnetization dynamics in magnetic materials is often modeled by the Landau-Lifshitz equation, which is solved numerically in general. In micromagnetic simulations, the computational cost relies heavily on the time-marching scheme and the evaluation of stray field. Explicit marching schemes are efficient but suffer from severe stability constraints, while nonlinear systems of equations have to be solved in implicit schemes though they are unconditionally stable. A better compromise between stability and efficiency is the semi-implicit scheme, such as the Gauss-Seidel projection method (GSPM) and the second-order backward differentiation formula scheme (BDF2). At each marching step, GSPM solves several linear systems of equations with constant coefficients and updates the stray field several times, while BDF2 updates the stray field only once but solves a larger linear system of equations with variable coefficients and a nonsymmetric structure. In this work, we propose a new method, dubbed as GSPM-BDF2, by combing the advantages of both GSPM and BDF2. Like GSPM, this method is first-order accurate in time and second-order accurate in space, and is unconditionally stable with respect to the damping parameter. However, GSPM-BDF2 updates the stray field only once per time step, leading to an efficiency improvement of about 60% than the state-of-the-art GSPM for micromagnetic simulations. For Standard Problem #4 and #5 from National Institute of Standards and Technology, GSPM-BDF2 reduces the computational time over the popular software OOMMF by 82% and 96%, respectively. Thus, the proposed method provides a more efficient choice for micromagnetic simulations.


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