A Hybrid of Adaptation and Dynamic Routing based on SDN for Improving QoE in HTTP Adaptive VBR Video Streaming

by   Hong Thinh Pham, et al.

Recently, HTTP Adaptive Streaming HAS has received significant attention from both industry and academia based on its ability to enhancing media streaming services over the Internet. Recent research solutions that have tried to improve HAS by adaptation at the client side only may not be completely effective without interacting with routing decisions in the upper layers. In this paper, we address the aforementioned issue by proposing a dynamic bandwidth allocation and management architecture for streaming video flows to improve users satisfaction. We also introduce an initial cross layer hybrid method that combines quality adaptation of variable bitrate video streaming over the HTTP protocol at the client side and SDN based dynamical routing. This scheme is enabled by the Software Defined Networking architecture that is now being considered as an emerging paradigm that disassociates the forwarding process from the routing process. SDN brings flexibility and the ability to flexibly change routing solutions, in turn resulting in dynamically improving the services provided in the application layer. Our experimental results show that the proposed solution offers significantly higher overall bitrates as well as smoother viewing experience than existing methods.


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