A linear second-order maximum bound principle-preserving BDF scheme for the Allen-Cahn equation with general mobility

by   Dianming Hou, et al.
Xiamen University
University of South Carolina
The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

In this paper, we propose and analyze a linear second-order numerical method for solving the Allen-Cahn equation with general mobility. The proposed fully-discrete scheme is carefully constructed based on the combination of first and second-order backward differentiation formulas with nonuniform time steps for temporal approximation and the central finite difference for spatial discretization. The discrete maximum bound principle is proved of the proposed scheme by using the kernel recombination technique under certain mild constraints on the time steps and the ratios of adjacent time step sizes. Furthermore, we rigorously derive the discrete H^1 error estimate and energy stability for the classic constant mobility case and the L^∞ error estimate for the general mobility case. Various numerical experiments are also presented to validate the theoretical results and demonstrate the performance of the proposed method with a time adaptive strategy.


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