A Linearized L1-Galerkin FEM for Non-smooth Solutions of Kirchhoff type Quasilinear Time-fractional Integro-differential Equation

by   Lalit Kumar, et al.

In this article, we study the semi discrete and fully discrete formulations for a Kirchhoff type quasilinear integro-differential equation involving time-fractional derivative of order α∈ (0,1). For the semi discrete formulation of the equation under consideration, we discretize the space domain using a conforming FEM and keep the time variable continuous. We modify the standard Ritz-Volterra projection operator to carry out error analysis for the semi discrete formulation of the considered equation. In general, solutions of the time-fractional partial differential equations (PDEs) have a weak singularity near time t=0. Taking this singularity into account, we develop a new linearized fully discrete numerical scheme for the considered equation on a graded mesh in time. We derive a priori bounds on the solution of this fully discrete numerical scheme using a new weighted H^1(Ω) norm. We prove that the developed numerical scheme has an accuracy rate of O(P^-1+N^-(2-α)) in L^∞(0,T;L^2(Ω)) as well as in L^∞(0,T;H^1_0(Ω)), where P and N are degrees of freedom in the space and time directions respectively. The robustness and efficiency of the proposed numerical scheme are demonstrated by some numerical examples.


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