A literature survey on student feedback assessment tools and their usage in sentiment analysis

by   Himali Aryal, et al.

Online learning is becoming increasingly popular, whether for convenience, to accommodate work hours, or simply to have the freedom to study from anywhere. Especially, during the Covid-19 pandemic, it has become the only viable option for learning. The effectiveness of teaching various hard-core programming courses with a mix of theoretical content is determined by the student interaction and responses. In contrast to a digital lecture through Zoom or Teams, a lecturer may rapidly acquire such responses from students' facial expressions, behavior, and attitude in a physical session, even if the listener is largely idle and non-interactive. However, student assessment in virtual learning is a challenging task. Despite the challenges, different technologies are progressively being integrated into teaching environments to boost student engagement and motivation. In this paper, we evaluate the effectiveness of various in-class feedback assessment methods such as Kahoot!, Mentimeter, Padlet, and polling to assist a lecturer in obtaining real-time feedback from students throughout a session and adapting the teaching style accordingly. Furthermore, some of the topics covered by student suggestions include tutor suggestions, enhancing teaching style, course content, and other subjects. Any input gives the instructor valuable insight into how to improve the student's learning experience, however, manually going through all of the qualitative comments and extracting the ideas is tedious. Thus, in this paper, we propose a sentiment analysis model for extracting the explicit suggestions from the students' qualitative feedback comments.


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