A Little Bit Attention Is All You Need for Person Re-Identification

by   Markus Eisenbach, et al.

Person re-identification plays a key role in applications where a mobile robot needs to track its users over a long period of time, even if they are partially unobserved for some time, in order to follow them or be available on demand. In this context, deep-learning based real-time feature extraction on a mobile robot is often performed on special-purpose devices whose computational resources are shared for multiple tasks. Therefore, the inference speed has to be taken into account. In contrast, person re-identification is often improved by architectural changes that come at the cost of significantly slowing down inference. Attention blocks are one such example. We will show that some well-performing attention blocks used in the state of the art are subject to inference costs that are far too high to justify their use for mobile robotic applications. As a consequence, we propose an attention block that only slightly affects the inference speed while keeping up with much deeper networks or more complex attention blocks in terms of re-identification accuracy. We perform extensive neural architecture search to derive rules at which locations this attention block should be integrated into the architecture in order to achieve the best trade-off between speed and accuracy. Finally, we confirm that the best performing configuration on a re-identification benchmark also performs well on an indoor robotic dataset.


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