A Machine Learning Approach for Early Detection of Fish Diseases by Analyzing Water Quality

by   Al-Akhir Nayan, et al.

Early detection of fish diseases and identifying the underlying causes are crucial for farmers to take necessary steps to mitigate the potential outbreak and thus to avert financial losses with apparent negative implications to the national economy. Typically, fish diseases are caused by viruses and bacteria; according to biochemical studies, the presence of certain bacteria and viruses may affect the level of pH, DO, BOD, COD, TSS, TDS, EC, PO43-, NO3-N, and NH3-N in water, resulting in the death of fishes. Besides, natural processes, e.g., photosynthesis, respiration, and decomposition, also contribute to the alteration of water quality that adversely affects fish health. Being motivated by the recent successes of machine learning techniques, a state-of-art machine learning algorithm has been adopted in this paper to detect and predict the degradation of water quality timely and accurately. Thus, it helps to take preemptive steps against potential fish diseases. The experimental results show high accuracy in detecting fish diseases specific to water quality based on the algorithm with real datasets.


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Early Detection of Fish Diseases by Analyzing Water Quality Using Machine Learning Algorithm

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