A Schedule of Duties in the Cloud Space Using a Modified Salp Swarm Algorithm

by   Hossein Jamali, et al.

Cloud computing is a concept introduced in the information technology era, with the main components being the grid, distributed, and valuable computing. The cloud is being developed continuously and, naturally, comes up with many challenges, one of which is scheduling. A schedule or timeline is a mechanism used to optimize the time for performing a duty or set of duties. A scheduling process is accountable for choosing the best resources for performing a duty. The main goal of a scheduling algorithm is to improve the efficiency and quality of the service while at the same time ensuring the acceptability and effectiveness of the targets. The task scheduling problem is one of the most important NP-hard issues in the cloud domain and, so far, many techniques have been proposed as solutions, including using genetic algorithms (GAs), particle swarm optimization, (PSO), and ant colony optimization (ACO). To address this problem, in this paper, one of the collective intelligence algorithms, called the Salp Swarm Algorithm (SSA), has been expanded, improved, and applied. The performance of the proposed algorithm has been compared with that of GAs, PSO, continuous ACO, and the basic SSA. The results show that our algorithm has generally higher performance than the other algorithms. For example, compared to the basic SSA, the proposed method has an average reduction of approximately 21


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