A Survey of Trustworthy Graph Learning: Reliability, Explainability, and Privacy Protection

by   Bingzhe Wu, et al.

Deep graph learning has achieved remarkable progresses in both business and scientific areas ranging from finance and e-commerce, to drug and advanced material discovery. Despite these progresses, how to ensure various deep graph learning algorithms behave in a socially responsible manner and meet regulatory compliance requirements becomes an emerging problem, especially in risk-sensitive domains. Trustworthy graph learning (TwGL) aims to solve the above problems from a technical viewpoint. In contrast to conventional graph learning research which mainly cares about model performance, TwGL considers various reliability and safety aspects of the graph learning framework including but not limited to robustness, explainability, and privacy. In this survey, we provide a comprehensive review of recent leading approaches in the TwGL field from three dimensions, namely, reliability, explainability, and privacy protection. We give a general categorization for existing work and review typical work for each category. To give further insights for TwGL research, we provide a unified view to inspect previous works and build the connection between them. We also point out some important open problems remaining to be solved in the future developments of TwGL.


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