A Survey on Deep Learning Methods for Semantic Image Segmentation in Real-Time

by   Georgios Takos, et al.

Semantic image segmentation is one of fastest growing areas in computer vision with a variety of applications. In many areas, such as robotics and autonomous vehicles, semantic image segmentation is crucial, since it provides the necessary context for actions to be taken based on a scene understanding at the pixel level. Moreover, the success of medical diagnosis and treatment relies on the extremely accurate understanding of the data under consideration and semantic image segmentation is one of the important tools in many cases. Recent developments in deep learning have provided a host of tools to tackle this problem efficiently and with increased accuracy. This work provides a comprehensive analysis of state-of-the-art deep learning architectures in image segmentation and, more importantly, an extensive list of techniques to achieve fast inference and computational efficiency. The origins of these techniques as well as their strengths and trade-offs are discussed with an in-depth analysis of their impact in the area. The best-performing architectures are summarized with a list of methods used to achieve these state-of-the-art results.


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