ACO for Continuous Function Optimization: A Performance Analysis

by   Varun Kumar Ojha, et al.

The performance of the meta-heuristic algorithms often depends on their parameter settings. Appropriate tuning of the underlying parameters can drastically improve the performance of a meta-heuristic. The Ant Colony Optimization (ACO), a population based meta-heuristic algorithm inspired by the foraging behavior of the ants, is no different. Fundamentally, the ACO depends on the construction of new solutions, variable by variable basis using Gaussian sampling of the selected variables from an archive of solutions. A comprehensive performance analysis of the underlying parameters such as: selection strategy, distance measure metric and pheromone evaporation rate of the ACO suggests that the Roulette Wheel Selection strategy enhances the performance of the ACO due to its ability to provide non-uniformity and adequate diversity in the selection of a solution. On the other hand, the Squared Euclidean distance-measure metric offers better performance than other distance-measure metrics. It is observed from the analysis that the ACO is sensitive towards the evaporation rate. Experimental analysis between classical ACO and other meta-heuristic suggested that the performance of the well-tuned ACO surpasses its counterparts.


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