An Accelerated Block Proximal Framework with Adaptive Momentum for Nonconvex and Nonsmooth Optimization

by   Weifeng Yang, et al.

We propose an accelerated block proximal linear framework with adaptive momentum (ABPL^+) for nonconvex and nonsmooth optimization. We analyze the potential causes of the extrapolation step failing in some algorithms, and resolve this issue by enhancing the comparison process that evaluates the trade-off between the proximal gradient step and the linear extrapolation step in our algorithm. Furthermore, we extends our algorithm to any scenario involving updating block variables with positive integers, allowing each cycle to randomly shuffle the update order of the variable blocks. Additionally, under mild assumptions, we prove that ABPL^+ can monotonically decrease the function value without strictly restricting the extrapolation parameters and step size, demonstrates the viability and effectiveness of updating these blocks in a random order, and we also more obviously and intuitively demonstrate that the derivative set of the sequence generated by our algorithm is a critical point set. Moreover, we demonstrate the global convergence as well as the linear and sublinear convergence rates of our algorithm by utilizing the Kurdyka-Lojasiewicz (KŁ) condition. To enhance the effectiveness and flexibility of our algorithm, we also expand the study to the imprecise version of our algorithm and construct an adaptive extrapolation parameter strategy, which improving its overall performance. We apply our algorithm to multiple non-negative matrix factorization with the ℓ_0 norm, nonnegative tensor decomposition with the ℓ_0 norm, and perform extensive numerical experiments to validate its effectiveness and efficiency.


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