An Autonomous Self-Incremental Learning Approach for Detection of Cyber Attacks on Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs)

by   Yasir Ali Farrukh, et al.

As the technological advancement and capabilities of automated systems have increased drastically, the usage of unmanned aerial vehicles for performing human-dependent tasks without human indulgence has also spiked. Since unmanned aerial vehicles are heavily dependent on Information and Communication Technology, they are highly prone to cyber-attacks. With time more advanced and new attacks are being developed and employed. However, the current Intrusion detection system lacks detection and classification of new and unknown attacks. Therefore, for having an autonomous and reliable operation of unmanned aerial vehicles, more robust and automated cyber detection and protection schemes are needed. To address this, we have proposed an autonomous self-incremental learning architecture, capable of detecting known and unknown cyber-attacks on its own without any human interference. In our approach, we have combined signature-based detection along with anomaly detection in such a way that the signature-based detector autonomously updates its attack classes with the help of an anomaly detector. To achieve this, we have implemented an incremental learning approach, updating our model to incorporate new classes without forgetting the old ones. To validate the applicability and effectiveness of our proposed architecture, we have implemented it in a trial scenario and then compared it with the traditional offline learning approach. Moreover, our anomaly-based detector has achieved a 100


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