An Efficient JPEG Steganographic Scheme Design Using Domain Transformation of Embedding Cost

by   Wenkang Su, et al.

Although the recently proposed JPEG steganography using Block embedding Entropy Transformation scheme (BET) shows excellent security performance, its procedure is much complicate. In this paper, we intend to introduce a Block embedding Cost Transformation (BCT) scheme for JPEG steganography. The core of our proposed BCT is the embedding cost domain transformation function, which comprises of the proposed distinguish factors of inter-block and intra-block, i.e., spatial (pixel) block embedding costs and spatial (pixel) block embedding changes, respectively. And moreover, for further maintaining the statistical undetectability of the stego, an exponential model is then introduced to facilitate the construction of domain transformation function. With the aid of the proposed domain transformation function, the JPEG embedding cost can be easily obtained through weighting the spatial embedding costs by the spatial embedding changes. In this way, the design procedure of JPEG steganographic distortion function under BCT will be more simplified than BET, and following this paradigm, the spatial image steganography will be more meaningful as well. Experimental results show that the proposed BCT has a more comprehensive performance improvement than UERD with the same computational complexity, and is superior to J-UNIWARD and GUED in resisting the detection of GFR and SCA-GFR. In addition, it can also rival BET with an order of magnitude lower computational complexity.


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