An Online Character Recognition System to Convert Grantha Script to Malayalam

by   Sreeraj. M, et al.

This paper presents a novel approach to recognize Grantha, an ancient script in South India and converting it to Malayalam, a prevalent language in South India using online character recognition mechanism. The motivation behind this work owes its credit to (i) developing a mechanism to recognize Grantha script in this modern world and (ii) affirming the strong connection among Grantha and Malayalam. A framework for the recognition of Grantha script using online character recognition is designed and implemented. The features extracted from the Grantha script comprises mainly of time-domain features based on writing direction and curvature. The recognized characters are mapped to corresponding Malayalam characters. The framework was tested on a bed of medium length manuscripts containing 9-12 sample lines and printed pages of a book titled Soundarya Lahari writtenin Grantha by Sri Adi Shankara to recognize the words and sentences. The manuscript recognition rates with the system are for Grantha as 92.11 recognition rates of pages of the printed book are for Grantha as 96.16 Malayalam script 95.22 results show the efficiency of the developed system.


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