Assessing and Supplying the Health of Videos Games via Formal Semantics

by   Mohammad Reza Besharati, et al.

Video games, just like any other media have both explicit and implicit messages, and they can have impact on physical and mental health of the users. These impacts can be positive or negative. The impacts, the implications and the meanings which exist in a game can be very widespread, multilayered and complicated. To investigate and guarantee the health of these video games, it is necessary to be able to estimate, assess and determine the implications of video games (from different perspectives). A common approach for studying complicated and multilayered phenomenon is formal semantics. Formal and rigorous methods can help in assessment and supplying the health of video games. In this article, an organizing for this assessment is proposed which is based on formal and rigorous methods and it considers various beneficiaries concerns. Moreover, a technological solution is presented which is based on system compliance to meanings, model checking methods and logical solution. The proposed organizing has several features such as: agility, flexibility, scalability, repeatability of reviews, transparency, adaptation, available details for reviews, assessing various layers and implicit and explicit implications of system of the game, avoiding subjectivity or individual skills, relying on rules and regulations, ability to plan for beneficiaries because of its transparency and employment for specialists.


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