At Your Service: Coffee Beans Recommendation From a Robot Assistant

by   Jacopo de Berardinis, et al.

With advances in the field of machine learning, precisely algorithms for recommendation systems, robot assistants are envisioned to become more present in the hospitality industry. Additionally, the COVID-19 pandemic has also highlighted the need to have more service robots in our everyday lives, to minimise the risk of human to-human transmission. One such example would be coffee shops, which have become intrinsic to our everyday lives. However, serving an excellent cup of coffee is not a trivial feat as a coffee blend typically comprises rich aromas, indulgent and unique flavours and a lingering aftertaste. Our work addresses this by proposing a computational model which recommends optimal coffee beans resulting from the user's preferences. Specifically, given a set of coffee bean properties (objective features), we apply different supervised learning techniques to predict coffee qualities (subjective features). We then consider an unsupervised learning method to analyse the relationship between coffee beans in the subjective feature space. Evaluated on a real coffee beans dataset based on digitised reviews, our results illustrate that the proposed computational model gives up to 92.7 percent recommendation accuracy for coffee beans prediction. From this, we propose how this computational model can be deployed on a service robot to reliably predict customers' coffee bean preferences, starting from the user inputting their coffee preferences to the robot recommending the coffee beans that best meet the user's likings.


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