AUBER: Automated BERT Regularization

by   Hyun Dong Lee, et al.

How can we effectively regularize BERT? Although BERT proves its effectiveness in various downstream natural language processing tasks, it often overfits when there are only a small number of training instances. A promising direction to regularize BERT is based on pruning its attention heads based on a proxy score for head importance. However, heuristic-based methods are usually suboptimal since they predetermine the order by which attention heads are pruned. In order to overcome such a limitation, we propose AUBER, an effective regularization method that leverages reinforcement learning to automatically prune attention heads from BERT. Instead of depending on heuristics or rule-based policies, AUBER learns a pruning policy that determines which attention heads should or should not be pruned for regularization. Experimental results show that AUBER outperforms existing pruning methods by achieving up to 10 the effectiveness of our design choices for AUBER.


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