Automatically eliminating seam lines with Poisson editing in complex relative radiometric normalization mosaicking scenarios

by   Shiqi Liu, et al.

Relative radiometric normalization (RRN) mosaicking among multiple remote sensing images is crucial for the downstream tasks, including map-making, image recognition, semantic segmentation, and change detection. However, there are often seam lines on the mosaic boundary and radiometric contrast left, especially in complex scenarios, making the appearance of mosaic images unsightly and reducing the accuracy of the latter classification/recognition algorithms. This paper renders a novel automatical approach to eliminate seam lines in complex RRN mosaicking scenarios. It utilizes the histogram matching on the overlap area to alleviate radiometric contrast, Poisson editing to remove the seam lines, and merging procedure to determine the normalization transfer order. Our method can handle the mosaicking seam lines with arbitrary shapes and images with extreme topological relationships (with a small intersection area). These conditions make the main feathering or blending methods, e.g., linear weighted blending and Laplacian pyramid blending, unavailable. In the experiment, our approach visually surpasses the automatic methods without Poisson editing and the manual blurring and feathering method using GIMP software.


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