Bayesian Hypernetworks

by   David Krueger, et al.
Element AI Inc
Université de Montréal
McGill University

We propose Bayesian hypernetworks: a framework for approximate Bayesian inference in neural networks. A Bayesian hypernetwork, h, is a neural network which learns to transform a simple noise distribution, p(ϵ) = N(0,I), to a distribution q(θ) q(h(ϵ)) over the parameters θ of another neural network (the "primary network"). We train q with variational inference, using an invertible h to enable efficient estimation of the variational lower bound on the posterior p(θ | D) via sampling. In contrast to most methods for Bayesian deep learning, Bayesian hypernets can represent a complex multimodal approximate posterior with correlations between parameters, while enabling cheap i.i.d. sampling of q(θ). We demonstrate these qualitative advantages of Bayesian hypernets, which also achieve competitive performance on a suite of tasks that demonstrate the advantage of estimating model uncertainty, including active learning and anomaly detection.


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