Black-box Adversarial Attacks on Video Recognition Models

by   Linxi Jiang, et al.

Deep neural networks (DNNs) are known for their vulnerability to adversarial examples. These are examples that have undergone a small, carefully crafted perturbation, and which can easily fool a DNN into making misclassifications at test time. Thus far, the field of adversarial research has mainly focused on image models, under either a white-box setting, where an adversary has full access to model parameters, or a black-box setting where an adversary can only query the target model for probabilities or labels. Whilst several white-box attacks have been proposed for video models, black-box video attacks are still unexplored. To close this gap, we propose the first black-box video attack framework, called V-BAD. V-BAD is a general framework for adversarial gradient estimation and rectification, based on Natural Evolution Strategies (NES). In particular, V-BAD utilizes tentative perturbations transferred from image models, and partition-based rectifications found by the NES on partitions (patches) of tentative perturbations, to obtain good adversarial gradient estimates with fewer queries to the target model. V-BAD is equivalent to estimating the projection of an adversarial gradient on a selected subspace. Using three benchmark video datasets, we demonstrate that V-BAD can craft both untargeted and targeted attacks to fool two state-of-the-art deep video recognition models. For the targeted attack, it achieves >93% success rate using only an average of 3.4 ∼ 8.4 × 10^4 queries, a similar number of queries to state-of-the-art black-box image attacks. This is despite the fact that videos often have two orders of magnitude higher dimensionality than static images. We believe that V-BAD is a promising new tool to evaluate and improve the robustness of video recognition models to black-box adversarial attacks.


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