Blockchain Meets AI for Resilient and Intelligent Internet of Vehicles

by   Pranav Kumar Singh, et al.
iit guwahati

The Internet of Vehicles (IoV) is flourishing and offers various applications relating to road safety, traffic and fuel efficiency, and infotainment. Dealing with security and privacy threats and managing the trust (detecting malicious and misbehaving peers) in IoV remains the most significant concern. Artificial Intelligence is one of the most revolutionizing technologies, and the predictive power of its machine learning models can help detect intrusions and misbehaviors. Similarly, empowering the state-of-the-art IoV security framework with blockchain can make it secure and resilient. This article discusses joint AI and blockchain for security, privacy and trust-related risks in IoV. This paper also presents problems, challenges, requirements and solutions using ML and blockchain to address aforementioned issues in IoV.


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