CAIBC: Capturing All-round Information Beyond Color for Text-based Person Retrieval

by   Zijie Wang, et al.

Given a natural language description, text-based person retrieval aims to identify images of a target person from a large-scale person image database. Existing methods generally face a color over-reliance problem, which means that the models rely heavily on color information when matching cross-modal data. Indeed, color information is an important decision-making accordance for retrieval, but the over-reliance on color would distract the model from other key clues (e.g. texture information, structural information, etc.), and thereby lead to a sub-optimal retrieval performance. To solve this problem, in this paper, we propose to Capture All-round Information Beyond Color (CAIBC) via a jointly optimized multi-branch architecture for text-based person retrieval. CAIBC contains three branches including an RGB branch, a grayscale (GRS) branch and a color (CLR) branch. Besides, with the aim of making full use of all-round information in a balanced and effective way, a mutual learning mechanism is employed to enable the three branches which attend to varied aspects of information to communicate with and learn from each other. Extensive experimental analysis is carried out to evaluate our proposed CAIBC method on the CUHK-PEDES and RSTPReid datasets in both supervised and weakly supervised text-based person retrieval settings, which demonstrates that CAIBC significantly outperforms existing methods and achieves the state-of-the-art performance on all the three tasks.


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