Collaborative Feature Learning for Fine-grained Facial Forgery Detection and Segmentation

by   Weinan Guan, et al.

Detecting maliciously falsified facial images and videos has attracted extensive attention from digital-forensics and computer-vision communities. An important topic in manipulation detection is the localization of the fake regions. Previous work related to forgery detection mostly focuses on the entire faces. However, recent forgery methods have developed to edit important facial components while maintaining others unchanged. This drives us to not only focus on the forgery detection but also fine-grained falsified region segmentation. In this paper, we propose a collaborative feature learning approach to simultaneously detect manipulation and segment the falsified components. With the collaborative manner, detection and segmentation can boost each other efficiently. To enable our study of forgery detection and segmentation, we build a facial forgery dataset consisting of both entire and partial face forgeries with their pixel-level manipulation ground-truth. Experiment results have justified the mutual promotion between forgery detection and manipulated region segmentation. The overall performance of the proposed approach is better than the state-of-the-art detection or segmentation approaches. The visualization results have shown that our proposed model always captures the artifacts on facial regions, which is more reasonable.


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