Computing solution landscape of nonlinear space-fractional problems via fast approximation algorithm

by   Bing Yu, et al.
Peking University

The nonlinear space-fractional problems often allow multiple stationary solutions, which can be much more complicated than the corresponding integer-order problems. In this paper, we systematically compute the solution landscapes of nonlinear constant/variable-order space-fractional problems. A fast approximation algorithm is developed to deal with the variable-order spectral fractional Laplacian by approximating the variable-indexing Fourier modes, and then combined with saddle dynamics to construct the solution landscape of variable-order space-fractional phase field model. Numerical experiments are performed to substantiate the accuracy and efficiency of fast approximation algorithm and elucidate essential features of the stationary solutions of space-fractional phase field model. Furthermore, we demonstrate that the solution landscapes of spectral fractional Laplacian problems can be reconfigured by varying the diffusion coefficients in the corresponding integer-order problems.


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