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Considering Human Behavior in Motion Planning for Smooth Human-Robot Collaboration in Close Proximity

by   Xuan Zhao, et al.
City University of Hong Kong

It is well-known that a deep understanding of co-workers' behavior and preference is important for collaboration effectiveness. In this work, we present a method to accomplish smooth human-robot collaboration in close proximity by taking into account the human's behavior while planning the robot's trajectory. In particular, we first use an occupancy map to summarize human's movement preference over time, and such prior information is then considered in an optimization-based motion planner via two cost items: 1) avoidance of the workspace previously occupied by human, to eliminate the interruption and to increase the task success rate; 2) tendency to keep a safe distance between the human and the robot to improve the safety. In the experiments, we compare the collaboration performance among planners using different combinations of human-aware cost items, including the avoidance factor, both the avoidance and safe distance factor, and a baseline where no human-related factors are considered. The trajectories generated are tested in both simulated and real-world environments, and the results show that our method can significantly increase the collaborative task success rates and is also human-friendly.


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