Convolutional Recurrent Reconstructive Network for Spatiotemporal Anomaly Detection in Solder Paste Inspection

by   Yong-Ho Yoo, et al.

Surface mount technology (SMT) is a process for producing printed circuit boards. Solder paste printer (SPP), package mounter, and solder reflow oven are used for SMT. The board on which the solder paste is deposited from the SPP is monitored by solder paste inspector (SPI). If SPP malfunctions due to the printer defects, the SPP produces defective products, and then abnormal patterns are detected by SPI. In this paper, we propose a convolutional recurrent reconstructive network (CRRN), which decomposes the anomaly patterns generated by the printer defects, from SPI data. CRRN learns only normal data and detects anomaly pattern through reconstruction error. CRRN consists of a spatial encoder (S-Encoder), a spatiotemporal encoder and decoder (ST-Encoder-Decoder), and a spatial decoder (S-Decoder). The ST-Encoder-Decoder consists of multiple convolutional spatiotemporal memories (CSTMs) with ST-Attention mechanism. CSTM is developed to extract spatiotemporal patterns efficiently. Additionally, a spatiotemporal attention (ST-Attention) mechanism is designed to facilitate transmitting information from the ST-Encoder to the ST-Decoder, which can solve the long-term dependency problem. We demonstrate the proposed CRRN outperforms the other conventional models in anomaly detection. Moreover, we show the discriminative power of the anomaly map decomposed by the proposed CRRN through the printer defect classification.


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