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Cross-stained Segmentation from Renal Biopsy Images Using Multi-level Adversarial Learning

by   Ke Mei, et al.
Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications

Segmentation from renal pathological images is a key step in automatic analyzing the renal histological characteristics. However, the performance of models varies significantly in different types of stained datasets due to the appearance variations. In this paper, we design a robust and flexible model for cross-stained segmentation. It is a novel multi-level deep adversarial network architecture that consists of three sub-networks: (i) a segmentation network; (ii) a pair of multi-level mirrored discriminators for guiding the segmentation network to extract domain-invariant features; (iii) a shape discriminator that is utilized to further identify the output of the segmentation network and the ground truth. Experimental results on glomeruli segmentation from renal biopsy images indicate that our network is able to improve segmentation performance on target type of stained images and use unlabeled data to achieve similar accuracy to labeled data. In addition, this method can be easily applied to other tasks.


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