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CT-SGAN: Computed Tomography Synthesis GAN

by   Ahmad Pesaranghader, et al.
Montréal Institute of Learning Algorithms

Diversity in data is critical for the successful training of deep learning models. Leveraged by a recurrent generative adversarial network, we propose the CT-SGAN model that generates large-scale 3D synthetic CT-scan volumes (≥ 224×224×224) when trained on a small dataset of chest CT-scans. CT-SGAN offers an attractive solution to two major challenges facing machine learning in medical imaging: a small number of given i.i.d. training data, and the restrictions around the sharing of patient data preventing to rapidly obtain larger and more diverse datasets. We evaluate the fidelity of the generated images qualitatively and quantitatively using various metrics including Fréchet Inception Distance and Inception Score. We further show that CT-SGAN can significantly improve lung nodule detection accuracy by pre-training a classifier on a vast amount of synthetic data.


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