Deep Learning based 3D Segmentation: A Survey

by   Yong He, et al.

3D object segmentation is a fundamental and challenging problem in computer vision with applications in autonomous driving, robotics, augmented reality and medical image analysis. It has received significant attention from the computer vision, graphics and machine learning communities. Traditionally, 3D segmentation was performed with hand-crafted features and engineered methods which failed to achieve acceptable accuracy and could not generalize to large-scale data. Driven by their great success in 2D computer vision, deep learning techniques have recently become the tool of choice for 3D segmentation tasks as well. This has led to an influx of a large number of methods in the literature that have been evaluated on different benchmark datasets. This paper provides a comprehensive survey of recent progress in deep learning based 3D segmentation covering over 150 papers. It summarizes the most commonly used pipelines, discusses their highlights and shortcomings, and analyzes the competitive results of these segmentation methods. Based on the analysis, it also provides promising research directions for the future.


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