Deep Reinforcement Learning in Surgical Robotics: Enhancing the Automation Level

by   Cheng Qian, et al.

Surgical robotics is a rapidly evolving field that is transforming the landscape of surgeries. Surgical robots have been shown to enhance precision, minimize invasiveness, and alleviate surgeon fatigue. One promising area of research in surgical robotics is the use of reinforcement learning to enhance the automation level. Reinforcement learning is a type of machine learning that involves training an agent to make decisions based on rewards and punishments. This literature review aims to comprehensively analyze existing research on reinforcement learning in surgical robotics. The review identified various applications of reinforcement learning in surgical robotics, including pre-operative, intra-body, and percutaneous procedures, listed the typical studies, and compared their methodologies and results. The findings show that reinforcement learning has great potential to improve the autonomy of surgical robots. Reinforcement learning can teach robots to perform complex surgical tasks, such as suturing and tissue manipulation. It can also improve the accuracy and precision of surgical robots, making them more effective at performing surgeries.


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