Development of an IoT-Based Sleep Apnea Monitoring System for Healthcare Applications

by   Abdur Rab Dhruba, et al.

Sleep is an essential and vital element of a person life and health that helps to refresh and recharge the mind and body of a person. The quality of sleep is very important in every person lifestyle, removing various diseases. Bad sleep is a big problem for a lot of people for a very long time. People suffering from various diseases are dealing with various sleeping disorders, commonly known as sleep apnea. Real-time monitoring of sleep is the key to detecting sleep apnea. To solve this problem, an IoT based real-time sleep apnea monitoring system has been developed. It will allow the user to measure different indexes of sleep and will notify them through a mobile application when anything odd occurs. The system contains various sensors to measure the ECG, Heart Rate, Pulse rate, Skin response, and SpO2 of any person during the entire sleeping period. To analyze and detect sleep apnea in real time, the system monitors several people during the sleeping period. The results are displayed on the monitor of the Arduino boards and in the mobile application. The analysis of the achieved data can detect sleep apnea in some of the people that the system monitored, and it can also display the reason why sleep apnea happens. This paper will help everyone learn about sleep apnea and will help people detect it and take the necessary steps to prevent it.


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