DFGC 2022: The Second DeepFake Game Competition

by   Bo Peng, et al.

This paper presents the summary report on our DFGC 2022 competition. The DeepFake is rapidly evolving, and realistic face-swaps are becoming more deceptive and difficult to detect. On the contrary, methods for detecting DeepFakes are also improving. There is a two-party game between DeepFake creators and defenders. This competition provides a common platform for benchmarking the game between the current state-of-the-arts in DeepFake creation and detection methods. The main research question to be answered by this competition is the current state of the two adversaries when competed with each other. This is the second edition after the last year's DFGC 2021, with a new, more diverse video dataset, a more realistic game setting, and more reasonable evaluation metrics. With this competition, we aim to stimulate research ideas for building better defenses against the DeepFake threats. We also release our DFGC 2022 dataset contributed by both our participants and ourselves to enrich the DeepFake data resources for the research community (https://github.com/NiCE-X/DFGC-2022).


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