DGCNet: An Efficient 3D-Densenet based on Dynamic Group Convolution for Hyperspectral Remote Sensing Image Classification

by   Guandong Li, et al.

Deep neural networks face many problems in the field of hyperspectral image classification, lack of effective utilization of spatial spectral information, gradient disappearance and overfitting as the model depth increases. In order to accelerate the deployment of the model on edge devices with strict latency requirements and limited computing power, we introduce a lightweight model based on the improved 3D-Densenet model and designs DGCNet. It improves the disadvantage of group convolution. Referring to the idea of dynamic network, dynamic group convolution(DGC) is designed on 3d convolution kernel. DGC introduces small feature selectors for each grouping to dynamically decide which part of the input channel to connect based on the activations of all input channels. Multiple groups can capture different and complementary visual and semantic features of input images, allowing convolution neural network(CNN) to learn rich features. 3D convolution extracts high-dimensional and redundant hyperspectral data, and there is also a lot of redundant information between convolution kernels. DGC module allows 3D-Densenet to select channel information with richer semantic features and discard inactive regions. The 3D-CNN passing through the DGC module can be regarded as a pruned network. DGC not only allows 3D-CNN to complete sufficient feature extraction, but also takes into account the requirements of speed and calculation amount. The inference speed and accuracy have been improved, with outstanding performance on the IN, Pavia and KSC datasets, ahead of the mainstream hyperspectral image classification methods.


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