Differentiable Causal Discovery from Interventional Data

by   Philippe Brouillard, et al.

Discovering causal relationships in data is a challenging task that involves solving a combinatorial problem for which the solution is not always identifiable. A new line of work reformulates the combinatorial problem as a continuous constrained optimization one, enabling the use of different powerful optimization techniques. However, methods based on this idea do not yet make use of interventional data, which can significantly alleviate identifiability issues. In this work, we propose a neural network-based method for this task that can leverage interventional data. We illustrate the flexibility of the continuous-constrained framework by taking advantage of expressive neural architectures such as normalizing flows. We show that our approach compares favorably to the state of the art in a variety of settings, including perfect and imperfect interventions for which the targeted nodes may even be unknown.


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