Differentiable Frank-Wolfe Optimization Layer

by   Zixuan Liu, et al.
Tsinghua University

Differentiable optimization has received a significant amount of attention due to its foundational role in the domain of machine learning based on neural networks. The existing methods leverages the optimality conditions and implicit function theorem to obtain the Jacobian matrix of the output, which increases the computational cost and limits the application of differentiable optimization. In addition, some non-differentiable constraints lead to more challenges when using prior differentiable optimization layers. This paper proposes a differentiable layer, named Differentiable Frank-Wolfe Layer (DFWLayer), by rolling out the Frank-Wolfe method, a well-known optimization algorithm which can solve constrained optimization problems without projections and Hessian matrix computations, thus leading to a efficient way of dealing with large-scale problems. Theoretically, we establish a bound on the suboptimality gap of the DFWLayer in the context of l1-norm constraints. Experimental assessments demonstrate that the DFWLayer not only attains competitive accuracy in solutions and gradients but also consistently adheres to constraints. Moreover, it surpasses the baselines in both forward and backward computational speeds.


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