Dilated Neighborhood Attention Transformer

by   Ali Hassani, et al.

Transformers are quickly becoming one of the most heavily applied deep learning architectures across modalities, domains, and tasks. In vision, on top of ongoing efforts into plain transformers, hierarchical transformers have also gained significant attention, thanks to their performance and easy integration into existing frameworks. These models typically employ localized attention mechanisms, such as the sliding-window Neighborhood Attention (NA) or Swin Transformer's Shifted Window Self Attention. While effective at reducing self attention's quadratic complexity, local attention weakens two of the most desirable properties of self attention: long range inter-dependency modeling, and global receptive field. In this paper, we introduce Dilated Neighborhood Attention (DiNA), a natural, flexible and efficient extension to NA that can capture more global context and expand receptive fields exponentially at no additional cost. NA's local attention and DiNA's sparse global attention complement each other, and therefore we introduce Dilated Neighborhood Attention Transformer (DiNAT), a new hierarchical vision transformer built upon both. DiNAT variants enjoy significant improvements over attention-based baselines such as NAT and Swin, as well as modern convolutional baseline ConvNeXt. Our Large model is ahead of its Swin counterpart by 1.5 COCO object detection, 1.3 mIoU in ADE20K semantic segmentation, and faster in throughput. We believe combinations of NA and DiNA have the potential to empower various tasks beyond those presented in this paper. To support and encourage research in this direction, in vision and beyond, we open-source our project at: https://github.com/SHI-Labs/Neighborhood-Attention-Transformer.


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