Early Discovery of Chronic Non-attenders by Using NFC Attendance Management System

by   Takumi Ichimura, et al.
Prefectural University of Hiroshima

Near Field Communication (NFC) standards cover communications protocols and data exchange formats. They are based on existing radio-frequency identification (RFID) standards. In Japan, Felica card is a popular way to identify the unique ID. Recently, the attendance management system (AMS) with RFID technology has been developed as a part of Smart University, which is the educational infrastructure using high technologies, such as ICT. However, the reader/writer for Felica is too expensive to build the AMS. NFC technology includes not only Felica but other type of IC chips. The Android OS 2.3 and the later can provide access to NFC functionality. Therefore, we developed AMS for university with NFC on Nexus 7. Because Nexus 7 is a low cost smart tablet, a teacher can determine to use familiarly. Especially, this paper describes the method of early discovery for chronic non-attenders by using the AMS system on 2 or more Nexus 7 which is connected each other via peer-to-peer communication. The attendance situation collected from different Nexus 7 is merged into a SQLite file and then, the document is reported to operate with the trunk system in educational affairs section.


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