Evolution of the Chinese Guarantee Network and Its Implication for Risk Management: Impacts from Financial Crisis and Stimulus Program

by   Yingli Wang, et al.

In this study, we provide a detailed global topological analysis on the Chinese guarantee network and highlight the effect of financial crisis and monetary policies on the evolution of network topologies. On the one hand, the static and dynamic analyses on network indicators confirm a number of stylized facts that are verified for other real complex systems. Guarantee networks are highly sparse, incomplete, and exhibit a small world property and a power-law degree distribution. On the other hand, we present data-driven insights on the association of the topological structure of guarantee networks with economic shock (the 2008 global financial crisis) and monetary policies (i.e., Chinese economic stimulus program and loose monetary policies and latter adjustment). Specifically, the empirical and exponential random graph model results provided that (a) the guarantee network became small due to the huge number of bankruptcies of small and medium firms during financial crisis, and (b) the loose monetary policy along with the stimulus program increased the mutual guarantee behavior among firms that resulted in a highly reciprocal and interconnected network. The following adjustment of monetary policies reduced the interconnection of the network.


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