Evolutionary Multitasking with Solution Space Cutting for Point Cloud Registration

by   Wu Yue, et al.

Point cloud registration (PCR) is a popular research topic in computer vision. Recently, the registration method in an evolutionary way has received continuous attention because of its robustness to the initial pose and flexibility in objective function design. However, most evolving registration methods cannot tackle the local optimum well and they have rarely investigated the success ratio, which implies the probability of not falling into local optima and is closely related to the practicality of the algorithm. Evolutionary multi-task optimization (EMTO) is a widely used paradigm, which can boost exploration capability through knowledge transfer among related tasks. Inspired by this concept, this study proposes a novel evolving registration algorithm via EMTO, where the multi-task configuration is based on the idea of solution space cutting. Concretely, one task searching in cut space assists another task with complex function landscape in escaping from local optima and enhancing successful registration ratio. To reduce unnecessary computational cost, a sparse-to-dense strategy is proposed. In addition, a novel fitness function robust to various overlap rates as well as a problem-specific metric of computational cost is introduced. Compared with 7 evolving registration approaches and 4 traditional registration approaches on the object-scale and scene-scale registration datasets, experimental results demonstrate that the proposed method has superior performances in terms of precision and tackling local optima.


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