Experience-Based Evolutionary Algorithms for Expensive Optimization

by   Xunzhao Yu, et al.

Optimization algorithms are very different from human optimizers. A human being would gain more experiences through problem-solving, which helps her/him in solving a new unseen problem. Yet an optimization algorithm never gains any experiences by solving more problems. In recent years, efforts have been made towards endowing optimization algorithms with some abilities of experience learning, which is regarded as experience-based optimization. In this paper, we argue that hard optimization problems could be tackled efficiently by making better use of experiences gained in related problems. We demonstrate our ideas in the context of expensive optimization, where we aim to find a near-optimal solution to an expensive optimization problem with as few fitness evaluations as possible. To achieve this, we propose an experience-based surrogate-assisted evolutionary algorithm (SAEA) framework to enhance the optimization efficiency of expensive problems, where experiences are gained across related expensive tasks via a novel meta-learning method. These experiences serve as the task-independent parameters of a deep kernel learning surrogate, then the solutions sampled from the target task are used to adapt task-specific parameters for the surrogate. With the help of experience learning, competitive regression-based surrogates can be initialized using only 1d solutions from the target task (d is the dimension of the decision space). Our experimental results on expensive multi-objective and constrained optimization problems demonstrate that experiences gained from related tasks are beneficial for the saving of evaluation budgets on the target problem.


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Experience-Based Surrogate-Assisted Evolutionary Algorithm Framework for Expensive Optimization Problems.

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