F3 Hand: A Versatile Robot Hand Inspired by Human Thumb and Index Fingers

by   Naoki Fukaya, et al.

It is challenging to grasp numerous objects with varying sizes and shapes with a single robot hand. To address this, we propose a new robot hand called the 'F3 hand' inspired by the complex movements of human index finger and thumb. The F3 hand attempts to realize complex human-like grasping movements by combining a parallel motion finger and a rotational motion finger with an adaptive function. In order to confirm the performance of our hand, we attached it to a mobile manipulator - the Toyota Human Support Robot (HSR) and conducted grasping experiments. In our results, we show that it is able to grasp all YCB objects (82 in total), including washers with outer diameters as small as 6.4mm. We also built a system for intuitive operation with a 3D mouse and grasp an additional 24 objects, including small toothpicks and paper clips and large pitchers and cracker boxes. The F3 hand is able to achieve a 98 in grasping even under imprecise control and positional offsets. Furthermore, owing to the finger's adaptive function, we demonstrate characteristics of the F3 hand that facilitate the grasping of soft objects such as strawberries in a desirable posture.


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