Fast and Minimax Optimal Estimation of Low-Rank Matrices via Non-Convex Gradient Descent

by   Gavin Zhang, et al.

We study the problem of estimating a low-rank matrix from noisy measurements, with the specific goal of achieving minimax optimal error. In practice, the problem is commonly solved using non-convex gradient descent, due to its ability to scale to large-scale real-world datasets. In theory, non-convex gradient descent is capable of achieving minimax error. But in practice, it often converges extremely slowly, such that it cannot even deliver estimations of modest accuracy within reasonable time. On the other hand, methods that improve the convergence of non-convex gradient descent, through rescaling or preconditioning, also greatly amplify the measurement noise, resulting in estimations that are orders of magnitude less accurate than what is theoretically achievable with minimax optimal error. In this paper, we propose a slight modification to the usual non-convex gradient descent method that remedies the issue of slow convergence, while provably preserving its minimax optimality. Our proposed algorithm has essentially the same per-iteration cost as non-convex gradient descent, but is guaranteed to converge to minimax error at a linear rate that is immune to ill-conditioning. Using our proposed algorithm, we reconstruct a 60 megapixel dataset for a medical imaging application, and observe significantly decreased reconstruction error compared to previous approaches.


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