Federated Unlearning via Active Forgetting

by   Yuyuan Li, et al.
Zhejiang University

The increasing concerns regarding the privacy of machine learning models have catalyzed the exploration of machine unlearning, i.e., a process that removes the influence of training data on machine learning models. This concern also arises in the realm of federated learning, prompting researchers to address the federated unlearning problem. However, federated unlearning remains challenging. Existing unlearning methods can be broadly categorized into two approaches, i.e., exact unlearning and approximate unlearning. Firstly, implementing exact unlearning, which typically relies on the partition-aggregation framework, in a distributed manner does not improve time efficiency theoretically. Secondly, existing federated (approximate) unlearning methods suffer from imprecise data influence estimation, significant computational burden, or both. To this end, we propose a novel federated unlearning framework based on incremental learning, which is independent of specific models and federated settings. Our framework differs from existing federated unlearning methods that rely on approximate retraining or data influence estimation. Instead, we leverage new memories to overwrite old ones, imitating the process of active forgetting in neurology. Specifically, the model, intended to unlearn, serves as a student model that continuously learns from randomly initiated teacher models. To preserve catastrophic forgetting of non-target data, we utilize elastic weight consolidation to elastically constrain weight change. Extensive experiments on three benchmark datasets demonstrate the efficiency and effectiveness of our proposed method. The result of backdoor attacks demonstrates that our proposed method achieves satisfying completeness.


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