Fine-Grained Continual Learning

by   Vincenzo Lomonaco, et al.
University of Bologna

Robotic vision is a field where continual learning can play a significant role. An embodied agent operating in a complex environment subject to frequent and unpredictable changes is required to learn and adapt continuously. In the context of object recognition, for example, a robot should be able to learn (without forgetting) objects of never seen classes as well as improving its recognition capabilities as new instances of already known classes are discovered. Ideally, continual learning should be triggered by the availability of short videos of single objects and performed online on onboard hardware. In this paper, we introduce a novel fine-grained continual learning protocol based on the CORe50 benchmark and propose two continual learning techniques that can learn effectively even in the challenging case of nearly 400 small non-i.i.d. incremental batches.


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