Fusing Monocular Images and Sparse IMU Signals for Real-time Human Motion Capture

by   Shaohua Pan, et al.
Tsinghua University

Either RGB images or inertial signals have been used for the task of motion capture (mocap), but combining them together is a new and interesting topic. We believe that the combination is complementary and able to solve the inherent difficulties of using one modality input, including occlusions, extreme lighting/texture, and out-of-view for visual mocap and global drifts for inertial mocap. To this end, we propose a method that fuses monocular images and sparse IMUs for real-time human motion capture. Our method contains a dual coordinate strategy to fully explore the IMU signals with different goals in motion capture. To be specific, besides one branch transforming the IMU signals to the camera coordinate system to combine with the image information, there is another branch to learn from the IMU signals in the body root coordinate system to better estimate body poses. Furthermore, a hidden state feedback mechanism is proposed for both two branches to compensate for their own drawbacks in extreme input cases. Thus our method can easily switch between the two kinds of signals or combine them in different cases to achieve a robust mocap. divided parts can help each other for better mocap results under different conditions. Quantitative and qualitative results demonstrate that by delicately designing the fusion method, our technique significantly outperforms the state-of-the-art vision, IMU, and combined methods on both global orientation and local pose estimation. Our codes are available for research at https://shaohua-pan.github.io/robustcap-page/.


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