GAVIN: Gaze-Assisted Voice-Based Implicit Note-taking

by   Anam Ahmad Khan, et al.

Annotation is an effective reading strategy people often undertake while interacting with digital text. It involves highlighting pieces of text and making notes about them. Annotating while reading in a desktop environment is considered trivial but, in a mobile setting where people read while hand-holding devices, the task of highlighting and typing notes on a mobile display is challenging. In this paper, we introduce GAVIN, a gaze-assisted voice note-taking application, which enables readers to seamlessly take voice notes on digital documents by implicitly anchoring them to text passages. We first conducted a contextual enquiry focusing on participants' note-taking practices on digital documents. Using these findings, we propose a method which leverages eye-tracking and machine learning techniques to annotate voice notes with reference text passages. To evaluate our approach, we recruited 32 participants performing voice note-taking. Following, we trained a classifier on the data collected to predict text passage where participants made voice notes. Lastly, we employed the classifier to built GAVIN and conducted a user study to demonstrate the feasibility of the system. This research demonstrates the feasibility of using gaze as a resource for implicit anchoring of voice notes, enabling the design of systems that allow users to record voice notes with minimal effort and high accuracy.


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