GFDC: A Granule Fusion Density-Based Clustering with Evidential Reasoning

by   Mingjie Cai, et al.

Currently, density-based clustering algorithms are widely applied because they can detect clusters with arbitrary shapes. However, they perform poorly in measuring global density, determining reasonable cluster centers or structures, assigning samples accurately and handling data with large density differences among clusters. To overcome their drawbacks, this paper proposes a granule fusion density-based clustering with evidential reasoning (GFDC). Both local and global densities of samples are measured by a sparse degree metric first. Then information granules are generated in high-density and low-density regions, assisting in processing clusters with significant density differences. Further, three novel granule fusion strategies are utilized to combine granules into stable cluster structures, helping to detect clusters with arbitrary shapes. Finally, by an assignment method developed from Dempster-Shafer theory, unstable samples are assigned. After using GFDC, a reasonable clustering result and some identified outliers can be obtained. The experimental results on extensive datasets demonstrate the effectiveness of GFDC.


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